Fall Happy

I have been neglecting my little blog over here.  Meanwhile, I’ve been busy at work, refereeing the boys at home, working on the photo business and trying to catch up on all my unfinished knitting projects.  Essentially I need to clone myself at least twice, so I can keep up with my life.  Sadly the holiday season is just beginning.  Must.  Breathe.  Must. Sleep.  Sleeping is very unlikely though.  

Before I stuff my face with turkey and complain that there is far too singing in the Macy’s day parade, I wanted to share my Halloween and fall photos.  In the midst of all the craziness, documenting my boy’s life behind the lens makes me one happy mama.  For that few moments that I am holding my camera and listening to the click of the shutter, I feel relaxed and in the here and now.  

Amazingly enough we managed to carve our pumpkins before Halloween this year thanks to Adrian!  The boys loved the Ninja Turtle. 

Halloween 2014

Each boy had a few different costumes they wore throughout the month.  Pretty stinking cute!Halloween 2014-3Fall fun
Trick or treating was a blast for all three of them this year. Halloween 2014-2We have also explored several State Parks in Southern Maryland. The weather was amazing for most of October and November.Halloween 2014 part 2-2Halloween 2014 part 2-3Halloween 2014 part 2-6Halloween 2014 part 2-5Halloween 2014 part 2-4Halloween 2014 part 2fall fun 2Oh fall how we already miss you. Hurry back soon!fall fun 3
What were your happiest moments this fall? What are you looking foward to most this holiday season?

Catch the Moment Week 42

Holy smokes 6 weeks left in the year.  I’m so ready for 2014 to be over!  It’s been a rough few months for us and I’m hoping for a much better 2015.  I’m to tired for words so on to pictures.  

Day 317/365

I left out a photo last week so here is the correct day. These past few weeks I’ve had the hardest time keeping on track with the dates!Project 365-Day 317

Day 318/365

I never get tired of sweet baby toes.Project 365-Day 318

Day 319/365

One of Ryker’s favorite toys right now. Project 365-Day 319

Day 320/365

Just a lazy Saturday morning, spent playing (them) and cleaning (me).Project 365-Day 320

Day 321/365

Noah asked for sprinkles for breakfast. Is this a face you coudl say no to? He totally knows how to work his cuteness.Project 365-Day 321

Day 322/365

All day long….Project 365-Day 322

Day 323/365

When we woke up the real feel temperature was 27!! Yikes!! Summer yet?Project 365-Day 323

Six weeks of link ups left! Almost near the end!!

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Around Town: Waldorf Winter Market

Lawn Sign

There is nothing that makes me happier than watching my boys “oohhhs” and “ahhhs” over Christmas light displays, holiday music, and Santa Claus sightings.  I love sharing my holiday home tour  each year once our house is decorated. We will commence the decorating this year the day after Thanksgiving.

Last year we enjoyed many local area holiday events including the B & O Festival of Trains in Baltimore, the National Harbor tree, and a Christmas Market at the Charles County Fairgrounds.  I can’t even believe how much the boys have grown in just a year!  



 Right now we are planning out our December calendar so we can be sure to experience all that this area has to offer during the holiday season.  I am most excited about a new event in our home town, the Waldorf Winter Market hosted by Fotos by Nadine .  Recreating the style of a German Christmas Market, the market will feature gourmet pastries and desserts, homemade soaps and candles, Yule logs,  and jewelry.  There will also be live Christmas trees for purchase and holiday mini sessions by Fotos by Nadine.  I already grabbed a photo session and am excited to dress the boys up for them.  


Book your slot now by simple purchasing the session fee, which includes a 15 minute session on site (O’Donnell Lake, Waldorf, MD).  Two digital files are included in this fee and will  delivered within a week of the market in a beautiful online gallery.   You can save $20.00 when you book a session by Saturday November 22, 2014.  

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the festival fill out an application by this Friday and submit the $35.00 vendor fee.

Hope to see you there! 


The Itsy Bitsy Spider In Our House

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides. All opinions expressed are my own.

Cold weather is here to stay and it  makes me unhappy. I could list off many different reasons why I am not a fan of winter, including the never-ending runny noses, the stir crazy kids, the germ infested indoor mall playgrounds, cold sheets, scraping ice off your car, wrestling the kids into and out of their jackets every time we hop in the car, and mismatch mittens. This has been the first week that daytime temperatures have remained in the thirties, which makes me a big bummed. I know, I know, I grew up in Maine. I should be use to the cold, right? People say this nonsense to me all the time.   It’s simply not true.  Not all Mainers love the long and bitter cold winters.  

Thankfully Maryland winters do not last as long and for the most part are much milder.  Yet we still have unwanted house guests invade our house when the cooler temperatures arrive.  These house guests do not leave wet towels on the floor or the toilet seat up.  Worse- they leave cob webs in our lights and creep through our kitchen cabinets.  Sometimes our cat will find one and play with it.  Or one of the boys will run out of their room yelling for help.  Noah calls these horrible house guests “pida’s”.  Even though his pronunciation of the word is quite adorable, the thought of him being worried about spiders in his room does not sit well with me.  My boy’s rooms are their safe haven. They should be free from bugs, especially big harry, creepy crawly ones. 


Instead of letting bugs feel at home in our space this fall, I have had success with stopping them with  Hot Shot® Spider & Scorpion Killer.   Hot Shot® Insecticides is a perfect solution to our spider problem.  I started using the spray on a weekly basis as part of my routine and have not seen one single spider in our house since.  



Now  Noah can go back to playing with his monster trucks with his brothers without having to worry about “pida’s” crawling over them like a scene from Arachnophobia.   hotshots

 If you have creepy crawlies in your house you can learn more about Hot Shot® Insecticides on Facebook.  Be sure to enter their current contest as well!   The company takes pride in giving homeowners back their peace of mind that their house is pest free.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.

Part 2: An Eight Minute Ride to Children’s Hospital

If you are just tuning in catch up with the first part of the story of how Ryker stopped breathing.

Four EMTs climbed out of the ambulance and hustled into our house. We recalled what happened to Ryker and they had me sit down in order to evaluate him. They checked his breath sounds, pupil reactions and pulse. When I told them he was not typically this lethargic they strongly suggested he be evaluated at the hospital. Adrian and I did not hesitate in our decision and things happened fast from there. Before I knew it Ryker was strapped on a board and carried out to the ambulance. I climbed into the ambulance behind the EMTs and immediately had a flashback to the car accident in January 2013 when I was pregnant with Ryker. This time was much different though, as I was watching my baby on the stretcher.


Two EMTs hooked Ryker up to monitors, while another was on a walkie talkie to dispatch to determine where to send him. Due to his age and the fact that his injury involved his head, it was decided that he would be transported to Children’s National in DC by helicopter. Mom heart failure right then and there. No one ever wants to hear those words. Before I knew it, the ambulance was heading a field at an elementary school just miles from our house to meet the State Trooper medevac helicopter. Again things happened so quickly and I hardly had time to process what was going on.

The helicopter was already waiting for Ryker when we pulled up to the school. I found myself running behind the medics who carried the board with him strapped to it into the helicopter. The noise of the helicopter was deafening.

Project 365-Day 315

Once Ryker was loaded into the helicopter I climbed in and sat down in one of the 2 chairs, fumbling with the seatbelt. The medic who was caring for Ryker handed me headphones that allowed him to communicate with me and then we took off. I watched our neighborhood get smaller and smaller, focusing most of my attention on my baby boy who was sleeping all too soundly. Then the medic began to put in an IV in his arm for fluids and I watched his eyes snap open and his face wince in pain. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he pulled his arm back as best as he could while strapped down. I felt a tiny sense of relief come over me with his appropriate response to the situation.

As I sat in the helicopter watching the DC metro area pass below me, my mind drifted of thoughts and visions of the worst possible scenarios. A large brain bleed, a hemorrhage, paralysis, loss of speech, wheel chair bound, or worse. Tears streamed down my face. So many things to worry about in that vacuum in the air.  I’m not the praying type but at that moment I pleaded with the higher powers to please look over my baby and keep him from any harm.  


Suddenly we approached the hospital. From above I saw Dr. Bear Children’s Hospital logo on the helicopter pad. I worked at this very hospital for six years and never saw that. Never did I fathom I ever would need to. The medics unloaded Ryker and I once again followed behind. He was rushed into the emergency room and immediately surrounded by an entire team of pediatric doctors. The best of the best surgeons, radiologists, emergency medicine physicians, nurses, and techs.


A timer clock with huge numbers was started and the doctors worked rapidly. Ryker was rather calm the entire time the doctors were evaluating him, even though he was surrounded by complete strangers. When I was finally able to be near his head he started to cry and reach for me. Even though it was heartbreaking to see him so upset, I was comforted by his actions.  Once the doctors completed their initial assessment, we were moved to the fluoroscopy suite just down the hall for a CT and Cspine x-ray. As I watched the huge yet silent machine take detailed images of his brain, I said yet another prayer to myself. I held my breath and hoped for negative results.

Thankfully within minutes after the conclusion of the study, the attending running the show told me he did not see anything remarkable on his initial read of the results. He then informed me that the radiologist would go over every image more carefully and if everything came back negative we would be discharged that evening. From there, a nurse moved Ryker and myself to one of the ER rooms.

Ryker still was not able to eat anything in case they had to perform more tests based on the CT results. Thankfully he easily fell asleep laying in my arms. Poor boy was just exhausted! A few doctors that assessed Ryker when he first came into the hospital came in and spoke with me. I was most relieved to hear that the final report from his head CT was negative. I got conflicting information about when we would be discharged. One doctor said they want to evaluate him for 6 hours and another said it would be as soon as Ryker wakes up eats solid food.

Around 3 pm I gently woke up Ryker and he easily nursed. Phew- another “test” completed. Right after he nursed he decided he wanted to get up and walk around. He happily explored the bed and everything else near him including his IV pole and leads. My crazy little boy was pepping up and it made me so incredibly happy and thankful.


Ryker was officially discharged around 4:oo pm and my dear friend Rhy drove in to DC to bring us home, since Adrian could not drive.  When we finally arrived home words can not describe how emotionally drained I was.  That night I barely slept, as my mind continued to drift about the events of the day.  With each day, the distance between the moment he stopped breathing becomes bigger, yet I can not shake the ever lingering thought of “What if he stops breathing again?  What if the outcome isn’t as good?”.  The game of “what ifs” is an evil one- a joy killer.  I’m trying to push it away.  My baby boy is very much alive, healthy and really cute.  Life with him in it is beautiful.