• Catch the Moment 365: Week 1

    I am so excited to be going into my second year of Project 365 with nearly 100 other amazing people, who have signed up for the Catch the Moment 365 project. Sarah, Stephanie and I are very humbled by the enthusiasm in the group. There has been some great photography knowledge and advice shared among… [Continue Reading]

    Catch the Moment 365: Week 1
  • Catch the Moment: Week 15- Finally Spring

    The title of this post seems like a big fat lie, because today it’s 40 degrees and windy.  Last night sleet was coming out of the sky and I saw pictures on facebook of snow covered lawns and driveways in various parts of the country.  With that being said, this past weekend the weather was… [Continue Reading]

    Catch the Moment: Week 15- Finally Spring
  • Project 365 Week 21

    Day 116- April 27, 2013 Today we went to A Day Out with Thomas at the Baltimore Railroad Museum. I left my DSLR at home for once and enjoyed the challenge of capturing the light and angles with only my IPhone. This is one of my favorite shots from the day. Day 117- April 28,… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365 Week 21
  • Week 32: Noah

    Noah, my crazy redhead with a wild temper, the biggest grin and the best hugs. His giggles are contagious and his tantrums are fierce. I love my middle boy who came into this world fast and furious and hasn’t stopped since. He has the biggest sweet tooth but eats like a bird a meals. He… [Continue Reading]

    Week 32:  Noah
  • Catch the Moment- Week 33: Xander

    This week I’m continuing with my “3 weeks of Stavish boys” with the oldest, who is just days away from starting Kindergarten.  Eek days!!! That is so crazy to believe.  I swear we were just bringing him home from the hospital.  Now he is off to school and so excited for it! August 13, 2014-… [Continue Reading]

    Catch the Moment- Week 33: Xander
  • Project 365: Week 15- Noah Turns Two

    This week has been super crazy busy between Tee ball games, doctor appointments, haircuts, celebrating Noah’s second birthday and preparing for his party. Needless to say, I haven’t blogged since Tuesday! I am playing a bit of catch up this late, late Sunday night. I am so excited to share photos of Noah’s party this coming… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365:  Week 15- Noah Turns Two
  • Project 365 Week 10

    Day 60- March 2, 2013 This boy loves books and his kitty Day 61- March 3, 2013 After breakfast play on a lazy Sunday morning Day 62- March 4, 2013 My favorite part of the day- daycare pick up! Day 63- March 5, 2013 My boys love to play in the windowsills, which is a… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365 Week 10
  • Project 365 Week 42 & 43

    Day 295- October 20, 2013 Annual trip to Shlagel farm featuring dragon Ryker Day 296- October 21, 2013 Noah’s pout about burst my heart into two when he said “I don’t want to go to daycare mommy.” on Monday morning Day 297- October 22, 2013 Ryker’s first time swinging at the park. He loved it,… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365 Week 42 & 43
  • Project 365: Week 22 Raining…again

    It rained quite a bit this week.  On the days it rained, I was uninspired to pull out my DSLR. Thank goodness for cell phone pictures! Day 123- May 4, 2013 I started off the weekend at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I love the texture and colors of this wool. Day 124- May… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365:  Week 22 Raining…again
  • Project 365 Week 42 & 43: Catch Up

    The past two weeks I have been incredibly busy between work and writing for Everyday Family.  Plus we were away two weekends ago, so last week I was playing catch up around the house at night. Really though I never completly feel caught up on housework these days. The nice thing about doing Project 365… [Continue Reading]

    Project 365 Week 42 & 43: Catch Up

Xander’s Superhero Bedroom (Update)

boys superhero bedroom
It’s hard to believe that we have been in our house for almost 4 years!  Time flies when your busy having kids, changing jobs, and living life.  We have been busy making our house a home slowly as money permits.  Like most parents we first focused on making the kids rooms look great.  Xander superhero bedroom is finally complete.  I’m happy we chose a superhero theme when we moved in even though he was just two.  Superheroes will stick around for quite a while in our house I’m sure.  On to the room!!

As you enter the room you this is your view.  

side wall


Batman hand painted canvas: Batman canvas artwork by Splash of Color 4 U!
Bookshelf: Target
Black Sleigh Bed: Regency Furniture in Maryland

View to the right side of the room

Custom comic book wooden letters:  handmade by me using old comic books, modge podge and acrylic spray
Handmade superhero banner and lanterns: Created by me forXander’s 5th birthday party
On the left side of the room near the bed Xander has put his own touches on the room with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle decals and we found a cute TMNT lamp for his night stand (just barely shown)
Superhero bedding Bedding: Sheets and pillow cases- Target Duvet Cover and batman pillow- Pottery Barn Kids
Xander still uses his Fisher Price Aquarium fish tank to put himself to sleep every night. It’s been attached to his bedrail since we transitioned him to a bed when we moved into our house. I’m pretty sure he will bring that thing to college! We have already replaced one of them.

right side canvas bins
3 Shelf Book Case: Pottery Barn Kids
Custom superhero canvas bins: made by me following Sugar To Designs tutorial

View of left side of superhero room

Wall bookshelf: Pottery Barn
The long bookshelf has since been replaced with a cherry wood dresser from Bassett furniture (not pictured)

And a little bit of close up details of the superhero bedroom fun…

Thanks for visiting Xander’s Superhero bedroom!

What’s your favorite part of the room?


Catch the Moment: Week 34- Firsts

This week I chose the theme “Firsts” after Candice suggested it, since Xander had his first day of school this year. Initially I wondered if I could actually manage 7 photos tied to the “first” theme, but as the week continued on I met the challenge head on. I’m pretty happy with this weeks photos and am pretty exhausted from this first week back.  Anyone else feeling the back-to-school exhaustion set in?  

August 20, 2014- Day 232

The first thing he asks for when he wakes up every morning is typically candy. This day he won. Pick your battles.
Project 365-Day 232

August 21, 2014- Day 233

Tonight was meet the teacher night at the school. Xander had so much fun seeing his classroom and meeting his teacher. This was his very first Kindergarten worksheet, which was a scavenger hunt around the classroom. So gosh darn cute!
Project 365-Day 233

August 22, 2014- Day 234

Friday morning Xander was looking through his photo album and just amazed at his first baby photos.  In the photo that he is holding, he is just hours old.  Time is a bastard.
Project 365-Day 234

August 23, 2014- Day 235

The first time he had a big boy yogurt- a Danon drinkable. All three of my kids love them!
Project 365-Day 235

August 24, 2014- Day 236

The boys have been asking for a trip to Toys R Us for a while so Sunday afternoon after all our errands we brought all three of them. This was Ryker’s first time going since he started walking and also he is wearing his first pair of big kid shoes. Again, time just stop!!
Project 365-Day 236

August 25, 2014-Day 237

Xander Brian’s FIRST day of school. Sigh!!! He loved it. I bawled. Sad and happy day all in the same breath. Parenting is not for the weak at heart. More first day of school photos coming early next week!
Project 365-Day 237

August 26, 2014- Day 238

After a few months of good health this boy has a cough, runny nose and slight congestion again. This first cold of the season is not fun and messing with his sleep. I hope it isn’t a sign for things to come in the fall and winter.
Project 365-Day 238

What firsts did you experience this week? Don’t forget to link up with us each and every week on Friday. It’s never to late to join in.

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Be A Kids Hero, Fill A Belly

hunger hero

Let’s talk about something not many Americans feel comfortable discussing childhood hunger. When I hear the word hunger and child I get a deep pang in my heart. The thought of any child, young or old, going to bed at night without dinner and then again going without food at breakfast is a sad reality to so many children right in our own towns all across this country.  The school that I work at is classified as a Title 1 school, which means that a high percentage of the student body are from low-income households. Many of the children receive free lunch and often it’s the only complete meal they have all day.  How can we expect children to succeed in school if they are not provided with the brain power to do so?  

Recently I learned about an organization who is doing all they can to reduce childhood hunger, Champion for Kids.  Champions for Kids base their mission on three main beliefs:

1.  All children should have someone who cares.

2.  All children should have a place to belong.

3.  All children should have hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey.

Champions for Kids recent campaign, The Hunger Heroes, is encouraging families to do good and give by becoming a Hunger Hero.  This campaign makes it simple to give children in local communities the resources they need to feed their bellies and spirit.


Throughout August, you too can be a Hunger Hero by heading to your local Sam’s Club and purchasing any or all of the following food items:

Tyson® Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets 5 lb. bag
KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7.25 oz.
12 pack or CAPRI SUN Juice Drink Variety Pack – 40 pouches

I can’t think of a better way to teach your children that helping others can come in small gestures.  My family is ready to take the challenge.  Are you? 


I participated in this program on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Photographer Happiness: Making It Happen

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and launched my own photography business. I am excited to turn my dreams into reality. When I have my camera in my hand the rest of the world tends to disappear. I love getting lost in a world where I can create an image that invokes emotion from others. Taking photos is my therapy. My happiness. When I have my camera in my hand the rest of the everyday worries, annoyances, and sometimes whining from my children disappears. You know unless they are whining about me taking yet another picture of them.


It’s no surprise that I love to capture my boys in their element. The images I take of them make me so happy. For it is these images that will remind me just how tiny they are, how tiny they were, and where they are going.

How fiercely they live, play and love every day. 


 How he begs and pleads for candy for breakfast until I eventually give in, because who can resist a redheaded boy with big blue puppy dog eyes?DSC_9656

How his fine baby hair glows in the warm evening light.

How his shadow is so much bigger than he, yet his personality is big enough to fill the largest room with smiles and laughter.
How these three boys inspire me and fill my world with so much happy.  In front of the camera.  While slumbering in their bed.  And most of all while in my arms.


 I am for their ability to unlock my passion for photography and can’t wait to see where this new chapter in my life takes me.  

How do your children inspire you to take on new passions?  Share with the Happy Mamas and link up!

Catch the Moment- Week 33: Xander

This week I’m continuing with my “3 weeks of Stavish boys” with the oldest, who is just days away from starting Kindergarten.  Eek days!!! That is so crazy to believe.  I swear we were just bringing him home from the hospital.  Now he is off to school and so excited for it!

August 13, 2014- Day 225

Favorites lately: Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, comic books, any superheroes, coloring, baseball

Project 365-Day 225

August 14, 2014- Day 226

Favorite foods: spaghetti and meatballs, chocolate ice cream, popsicles, tacos, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken and fruit of all kinds

Favorite restaurants: Chick Fil A, chinese buffet, Olive Garden

Project 365-Day 226

August 15, 2014- Day 227

Project 365-Day 227

August 16, 2014- Day 228

Xander’s second Taekwondo class and he loves it! I’m so excited to see him advance through the belts and am looking forward to the day when we can all train together. For now Adrian is taking classes with Xander and working toward being an instructor and 4th degree black belt.
Project 365-Day 228

August 17, 2014- Day 229

Favorite activities this summer: beach, eating ice cream and baseball games
Project 365-Day 229

August 18, 2014- Day 230

This summer we started a rock jar incentive system with Xander. He earns a rock in his jar for good behavior or each chore he completes. When the jar is full he can get a trip to the toy store for a new toy or go on a date with mommy or daddy. Monday night he demanded to “help rinse the dishes” and rinsed the entire sink full, while I loaded them into the dishwasher. I was floored and so proud!
Project 365-Day 230

August 19, 2014- Day 231

The Nats had five dollar ticket night on Tuesday so we took full advantage of it. We all enjoyed the game, as the Nats pulled off their 10th win in a row.
Project 365-Day 231

Which photo of Xander is your favorite form the week? Next week my theme is “firsts” as someone has his very first day of Kindergarten!

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