Catch the Moment: Week 43- Fall

Fall has finally arrived in the DC area and it’s gorgeous!!! This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I just want to take pictures of all the pretty trees and leaves. Everywhere! All the time! Especially during the evening when the light is amazing. This week is all about the leaves.

October 22, 2014- Day 296

Sleepy boy at night. He always looks so innocent in his sleep.
Project 365-Day 296

October 23, 2014- Day 297

The view from my backyard is pretty great right now.Project 365-Day 297

October 25, 2014- Day 298

Xander’s elementary school (where I work) held a fall festival event in the gym and it was a ton of fun. I enjoyed watching all three of my boys as they played games in their costumes. I love the community we are building within in our town.
Project 365-Day 298

October 26, 2014- Day 298

After a halloween event with some friends on Saturday afternoon, the boys and I explored a tiny town close by that has a population of 13. While we were exploring I captured this from my little Ryker. Isn’t he the cutest Superman? Project 365-Day 299

October 27, 2014- Day 298

The boys played in the basement while I got some work done on Sunday. It was a rather lazy day for all of us.Project 365-Day 300

October 28, 2014- Day 298

I know, I know more trees with pretty leaves. Are you tired of them yet? This was snapped in our neighborhood just before sunset. Gah I love fall! Project 365-Day 301
Xander had his very first field trip and I was able to tag along as a chaperone. We had a ton of fun and I can’t wait to post more pictures of the day. Project 365-Day 302

How was your weeK?

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Fall Traditions: Apple Picking

One of the few things I miss about living in Maine is the abundance of apple orchards. From the 1630s to the 2000s, Southern Maryland farmers grew mostly tobacco. In 2000 the state of Maryland offered farms a subsidy not to plant it. Needless to say, land where tobacco was grown on is not prime for an apple orchard. Nearly ever year we have lived in the DC metro area we have spent a day traveling to an apple orchard in Montgomery County or further. This year we decided to visit Butler’s Orchard after we had a great time there last year.

We finally got a chance to go picking at the end of September (yes this post is super late!), but sadly it was the very last weekend of picking. I think Adrian found 2-3 on the trees, because it was a MUST that the boys actually picked them off the tree. After all we talked about picking apples for almost a month! To add to our disappointment, I ended up getting stung by a bee about 5 minutes into “picking”. Silly me wore sandals and ended up stepping on an angry bee- ouch!! Regardless, we ended up having a good time anyway. It was the perfect opportunity to capture some priceless moments, and that makes me happy any day!

Apple picking 2014-5

Apple picking 2014-4

Pumpkin patchApple picking 2014-7Apple picking 2014-8
Apple picking 2014-2Apple picking 2014Apple picking 2014-6

Years back when I look through photos I perhaps won’t remember that my foot hurt like hell while walking through the empty orchard.  Instead, I hope to remember how I felt the moment I wrestled these two to the ground to snap a photo, with my makeshift tripod (the wagon) and my camera remote.  This right here is priceless.

Apple picking 2014-3

When is the last time you got in front of the camera with your kids?  If you can’t remember then make it a point to fix that this weekend.  As you know all too well, their childhood is slipping between your fingers much too quickly.  Capture the now!  

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Preschool Halloween Signs

This post is sponsored by Poppy Cat. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Halloween Sign Language #PoppyCatUS #adMy boys are obsessed with Halloween.  As soon as the Halloween decorations arrive in the craft store, they are plotting their costumes and asking when we can begin decorating the house. Our Halloween decorations almost rival our Christmas decor, which is pretty over the top. Experiencing holidays through the eyes of your child is a part of parenthood that will never get old.  I will never forget Xander’s excitement the very first year we dressed him up and paraded him around on Halloween night. 

captian america

The boys live and breathe Halloween from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed, leading up to the big event, Trick-or-Treating.  From trips to the pumpkin patch to fun crafts, fall is always jam-packed with activities.  I also enjoy watching Halloween shows.  This year I introduced them to the Poppy Cat Halloween episode.  The Poppy Cat motto,  Making Everyday Adventures Extraordinary, certainly held up in the Halloween episode, as Poppy and her friends go on an adventure train through the Halloween woods.   The boys really enjoyed the sneak peek of the episode and have watched it several times this week.

Poppy Cat #PoppyCatUS #ad

Other than snuggling up next to my superheros, pirates or dragons, I love sharing Halloween books with my boys. Our bedtime story theme in the fall is typically about bats, witches, goblins and monsters.   One of our favorite books from this year is There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro.  The book is about a crazy lady who swallows various Halloween related animals and objects.  While we read the story I taught them the signs for the items she swallowed.  Pairing signs with stories really makes them interactive for all three of my boys.  Xander and Noah even teach Ryker the signs.  It’s fun and amazing to watch.

The second season of Poppy the Cat will premiere with a mini-marathon airing from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 25  and Halloween.  After the premiere it begins its regular schedule on the network that same evening, with episodes airing seven days a week at 7:00 pm. The series also can be seen on Saturday mornings on the NBC Kids block, which is programmed by Sprout.  If you are looking for a fun series for your child which celebrates imaginative play with themes of crafting, outdoor adventures, and physical activities be sure to check out Poppy Cat. 

For more fun visit the Poppy Cat website, like the show on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.




Catch the Moment: Week 42

Where did October go? It’s hard to believe that next week is Halloween. We will be sitting in front of a huge turkey and watching the Macy’s Day parade in no time! Yikes! Time needs to SLOW DOWN!! Yet, it doesn’t. It continues to pass by far too quickly. Weeks blurring into months. Here is another week of photos, with one of my favorite photos of the year. I’ll let you decided which one it is.

Day 289- October 15, 2014

This five-year-old business can be hard! Xander’s behavior is like a yo-yo these days. I never know what to expect, although transitions are the worst. The evening and morning routines are killing us all! When I get frustrated with him, I sometimes picture him as a baby to make me smile. Babies are sweet and would never throw a shoe at you. Please tell me six is a bit better?!Project 365-Day 289

Day 290- October 16, 2014

I love fall. We are still no where near peak foliage in the DC area but it has started.Project 365-Day 290

Day 291- October 17, 2014

All summer long I wanted to shoot sunset and the Capital Wheel. I was beyond excited when a photographer from a local photographer Facebook group said she would meet me on Friday night. Hooray for making new friends and capturing this and other gorgeous shots. I can’t wait to edit the rest of them! Project 365-Day 291

Day 292- October 18, 2014

Xander had his very first Taekwondo tournament and was pretty stinking cute. Much to my surprise, he competed in all three events and had a blast. I am super proud of how much courage this kid has!   The white balance on this shot is totally off but I just couldn’t get it right even in post processing.  I’ll have to give it another try another time.Project 365-Day 292

Day 293- October 19, 2014

We had a super busy weekend and I can only imagine they are just going to get busier the older these three become. Xander had his first ice skating lesson on Sunday evening. He loved it!Project 365-Day 293

Day 294- October 20, 2014

Since we have very few trees that drop leaves into our backyard, the boys and I played in some leaves at school. I even brought a few rakes to make a large enough pile for them. Little R loved dragging the rake around.Project 365-Day 294

Day 295- October 21, 2014

Sweet dreams Noah James.Project 365-Day 295

What’s your favorite from the week?

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Pumpkin Patch at Shlagel Farms 2014

shlagel farms 2014Two weeks ago we headed to our favorite local pumpkin patch at Shlagel Farms. This was our fourth year enjoying the animals, corn bins, hay maze and of course the tractor ride to the patch. Our visit to the pumpkin patch at Shlagel Farms is one of my favorite parts of the season. I love watching the boys take in the sights and sounds at the farm. It’s so much fun to look back at visits past to see how much our family has grown! pumkin patch 4 years

Shlagel Farms is a family owned and operated farm that was established in 1912. It’s truly an amazing that it’s been run by the same family for 101 years. This spring, summer and fall we have been part of the farm’s CSA and look forward to picking up fresh produce every weekend.

shlagel farms pumpkin patch-4

Stavish boysshlagel farms pumpkin patch-1-2shlagel farms pumpkin patch-1-4shlagel farms pumpkin patch-1-3noah and rykershlagel farms pumpkin patch-2-2shlagel farms pumpkin patch-3-2shlagel farms pumpkin patch-4-2pigsshlagel farms pumpkin patch-3Thanks so much for another great year at the patch, Shlagel family!shlagel farms pumpkin patch-1