Catch the Moment Week 32

The days turn in to weeks and all of a sudden August is nearly over. What?! Craziness. This past week was the same of the typical- work, edit photos, take photos, love on the boys, sleep (a tiny bit) and repeat.
We starting going through Xander’s hockey equipment to see what we need to purchase for the upcoming season. Ryker was obsessed with trying everything on and asked to put it on for a solid 2 days. Too cute!Catch the Moment 227-365Friday and Saturday I had a continuing education conference for work in DC. The early mornings and long days were less than inspirational. This was very close to the building the conference was held at. It’s mix of gold and bronze was unique enough to draw my eye to it on a mad dash to get to my course in time.Catch the Moment 228-365Nothing says love like a newborn session in the NICU.Catch the Moment 229-365We spent a large part of Sunday school shopping for our soon to be first grader. He was so excited to organize all of his school supplies, only to find out that school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. Poor guy! I love his passion for school.Catch the Moment 230-365Nothing says summer like sunflowers in August.Catch the Moment 231-365Story time with daddy is the best. Most of the time the boys request daddy to read a bedtime story to them not mommy.Catch the Moment 232-365A rare photo of our crazy kitty, because everyone else was in bed sleeping.Catch the Moment 233-365

That about wraps up our week. How was yours? Did you take any interesting photos to document your everyday life?

Fishing at Gilbert Run Park

Last weekend we spent the afternoon enjoying a mild summer day at Gilbert Run Park, fishing, hiking and playing on the playground. I can’t say it enough, but I love all the parks that Southern Maryland has to offer. The boys learned a little about patience.FishingPlayed the waiting game.Fishing-7And then got annoyed when the fish weren’t biting.Fishing-6FishingFishing-3So we hiked a trail, while daddy continued to fish.Fishing-8Fishing-5Fishing-4Fishing-9Just as we weren’t about to pack up and go home, daddy finally caught a fish!Fishing-10Fishing-12Fishing-11Their faces say it all!!!

What a great summer family summer adventure!! What has your family been up to this summer?

Catch the Moment Week 32

Another busy summer month has come and gone. I’m not sure where the time is going…
A little bit of lego fun.Catch the Moment 220-365Paper weight colorsCatch the Moment 221-365Saturday morning neighboorhood walk and I’m loving it!Catch the Moment 222-365Daddy caught a fish!Catch the Moment 223-365Monday evening grocery shopping blues.Catch the Moment 224-365Only still while sleeping.Catch the Moment 225-365One of my favorite summer flowersCatch the Moment 226-365

What did you photography tihs week?

Summer Bucket List: Calvert Marine Museum

There are still so many more things left on our summer bucket list, yet summer is sadly winding down quickly. Thankfully the days stay warm in the DC area well into September though, so many of the things on our list will be done after school starts.

A few weekends ago we headed down to Solmons Island to visit the Calvert Marine Museum. This was my third time bringing the boys but Adrian’s first. The last time we were there we just had 2 kids, so it had been quite some time. This time the boys were all running in three different directions most of the time, so there were very few oppurtunities for photos with them. Needless to say they had a blast. Here are some of my favorite parts of the museum…

calvert marine museum-3

The fish tanks are soothing to watch.calvert marine museum-6calvert marine museum-4
A enormous fossil of a shark is bone chilling.calvert marine museum-7The simplicity and beauty of boats.calvert marine museum-8The playfulness of the sea otters.calvert marine museum-2And a quick fossil dig before heading home. calvert marine museum-10

Thanks for another great play day Southern Maryland!

Catch the Moment Week 30 & 31

I’m still going strong with Catch the Moment, yet haven’t had a chance to get a post up in 2 weeks! Eek! So here I am doing another 2 week dump in one post. The summer is flying right by and we have been consumed with taking it all in. Before we know it I’ll be pulling out the fall clothes (yay sweaters) and the boys will be counting down the days until Halloween- wait, they are already doing that! The one meal that Noah is guaranteed to eat- TACOS!Catch the Moment 205-365We knocked another item off our Southern Maryland Summer Bucket List with a trip to the Calvert Marine Museum. More photos of our trip coming soon!Catch the Moment 206-365One of my photography goals for 2015 was to practice more macrophotography, so I have made it a point to do more macro this summer. I just love this one. It reminds of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.Catch the Moment 207-365Full force summerCatch the Moment 208-365Our neighborhood lost power just as I was going to bed, so I had to make use of what light I had left. Thank goodness for a full battery charge on my Macbook!Catch the Moment 209-365He loves to snuggle with all his critters.Catch the Moment 210-365Their imagination for dressing up never gets old!Catch the Moment 211-365A gorgeous sunset in my neighboorhood.Catch the Moment 212-365Snuggled in my bed, how sweet are these two?Catch the Moment 213-365A Sunday spent snuggling and photographing a newborn is a good Sunday in my book.Catch the Moment 214-365I came downstairs on Sunday morning to find him already building his new Lego set.Catch the Moment 215-365Our sunflowers have finally bloomed!Catch the Moment 216-365It’s amazing to me that he is almost in first grade. Time has gone far too fast.Catch the Moment 217-365Another week with a photo of Noah sleeping- oops! Honestly at the end of a long day when it’s nearing midnight and I realize I haven’t picked up my camera all day, sleeping photos are the easiest. Catch the Moment 218-365

What is your favorite image from the past 2 weeks?