Catch the Moment: Week 15- Finally Spring

by Mindi Stavish on April 18, 2014

The title of this post seems like a big fat lie, because today it’s 40 degrees and windy.  Last night sleet was coming out of the sky and I saw pictures on facebook of snow covered lawns and driveways in various parts of the country.  With that being said, this past weekend the weather was amazing with temperatures reaching the high 7o’s and low 80′s.  Pure perfection!  The cherry blossom trees peaked, flowers fully bloomed and the boys had a blast in the sunshine.  It was perfection.  

April 9, 2014- Day 99

Teeball warm-ups are too cute for words!

Project 365-Day 99

April 10, 2014- Day 100

Happy third birthday to Noah!! What a beautiful day to celebrate the day you were born!

Project 365-Day 100

April 11, 2014-Day 101

Our three cherry trees in the backyard reached full bloom on Thursday. They were gorgeous but sadly by Sunday the petals were mostly leaves. It’s not fair that their beauty doesn’t last.

Project 365-Day 101

April 12, 2014- Day 102

Xander’s first teeball game of the season and he did great!  Love my number one Pirate!  Lots more teeball game photos coming soon!

Project 365-Day 102

April 13, 2014- Day 103

Sunday we spent all afternoon outside and then at a neighbor’s house. This cutie loved being outdoors and playing at the park. It was a fantastic spring day!

Project 365-Day 103

April 14, 2014- Day 104

Lately Ryker has been holding on to certain toys for an entire day. Today it was this block. Everytime I tried to take it away from him he would protest! I love it when babies start to show their personality.

Project 365-Day 104

April 15, 2014- Day 105

A few of our tulips have started to bloom and I love them. Spring is such a fun time of year for photography.

Project 365-Day 105

Please join us at any point in the year as we capture 1 photo a day for 365 days. We have a very supportive Facebook group, as well as monthly video tutorial’s. The only thing we ask of you is to link back to one of the three hosts, myself, Sarah, or Stephanie.


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When It’s Time for Disposables

by Mindi Stavish on April 16, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom 2 Mom. All thoughts, opinions, and photos of diapered bottoms are my own.

mom 2 mom diapers

In my Cloth Diaper Duty series, I shared some tips for two in cloth diapers.  One of my tips was that it is okay to take a break from cloth when life gets busy or even when you are traveling.  Little did I know, I would be living this mantra this spring. 

#MomtoMomdiapers diaper butt crawling away

Recently Ryker suffered several ear infections back to back.  After multiple  rounds of antibiotics, his little gut was just a mess.  Even with daily probiotics, I couldn’t seem to avoid stomach issues.  Since he has super sensitive skin, he experienced a pretty bad diaper rash.  Before I switched to cloth diapers I purchased diapers for the boys through Amazon.   However, when your child is sick and you realize you need to slather on a thick diaper rash cream that will destroy your cloth diapers, there is no time to wait for Amazon- even if the diapers arrive on my door step in the smiling box the very next day (love that!). 


Instead, I can head to Safeway and grab a pack of Mom to Mom diapers.  Mom to Mom diapers provide excellent leakage protection.  More importantly, they are designed with a soft hypoallergenic liner that contains vitamin E and aloe, providing a sore bum with some relief.  Since Ryker has never been in disposable diapers, I was not sure how his already irritated skin would do with these diapers.  Much to my relief, his diaper rash cleared up within 24 hours of careful diaper rash treatment. 


Just two weeks ago, life got messy again when my cloth diapers started smelling like ammonia.  This is usually a sign that there is detergent build up and it’s time to strip them.  Of course this happened right when Ryker was battling bronchiolitis and yet another ear infection.  So on top of caring for a sick baby, I had to take the time to strip diapers. With two in diapers, I have a large enough diaper stash to last me two to three days, so stripping them takes almost an entire day. Between allowing them to soak in a stripping agent to washing and drying them it’s quite a process.  

Since I was caring for Ryker who was miserable and needed his mama, I had very little time or energy to take care of the diapers. Instead, I closed the closet door the diaper pails are kept in and grabbed the remaining package of Mom 2 Mom diapers I purchased a few weeks ago.   Again I was pleased with the quality of the diapers.  


My active little boy stays busy from crawling after his brothers…


to playing with huge trucks…


He doesn’t have time to be bothered with diaper irritation or leaks!  Thankfully Mom 2 Mom diapers held up well, were super slim, and very affordable!  If you are close to a Safeway and looking for a new diaper brand, give them a try.  You will be very surprised at these diapers!  

Where do you purchase your diapers? Would you consider trying a new brand if the cost was less, but the quality was just as good if not better? If you cloth diaper, are there instances when you use disposable diapers?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom 2 Mom. All thoughts, opinions, and photos of diapered bottoms are my own.

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Ryker: 10 Months

April 15, 2014 The boys month by month

Dear Cruising Baby, Wow this has been an action packed month full of ups and downs. I am not sure where to begin. Let’s just start with the bad…. This month you were really sick for a week and a half with bronchiolitis and another ear infection. You required breathing treatments and had an intramuscular […]

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Catch the Moment: Week 14

April 11, 2014 Project 365

This was a super busy week for photos between the final arrival of spring, the start of tball, and Noah’s birthday party. I had a hard time narrowing down one photo from each day, but here they are. I’m planning on doing a spring is in bloom post next week, since our Cherry blossom trees […]

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Third Birthday Happiness

April 10, 2014 Birthdays

Dear Noah, As I reflect upon the past three years I am overcome with emotions. Three years ago at 7:401 pm you made quickly made your grand appearance into our world and hearts.  I am proud of all the things you have learned this year. Your vocabulary is extensive, you run with passion, and you […]

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