Southern Maryland Summer Bucket List

Summer is ticking away and I have yet to do any sort of post about our summer bucket list. We have only made it to three of the ten items on the list, so far. Yet, we have done so much this summer already- just not in the local area. Two weekends ago we kicked off our summer vacation with a Friday night summer concert at the Town Hall in La Plata. It was a ton of fun.
Ryker slept through the entire event. Just love his sleeping little self. town hall concerttown hall concert-2
Xander and Noah was hesitant to explore the spray pad initially. They stood there taking in the surroundings, until eventually shoving each other in the cool jets of water.laplata concerttown hall concert-3town hall concert-5town hall concert-4When their lips turned blue and they couldn’t hide that they were shivering, Adrian bought them ice cream hall concert-8town hall concert-6It was a fun local evening and a great way to start our hall concert-9

What local summer adventures have you been up to?

Catch the Moment Week 29

This week marks the 200th day!! That’s hard to believe. What a fast year it’s been? Quite honestly I’m ready for the year to be over with, because it’s been that rough. Thankfully this summer has been good to us so far.In our yard.Catch the Moment 198-365Our first and much needed trip to the ocean. Happiness.Catch the Moment 199-365Day 200 Perfection.Catch the Moment 200-365Saturday morning lego building.Catch the Moment 201-365Bedtime horsie rideCatch the Moment 202-365Sleepy one.Catch the Moment 203-365Evening walk.Catch the Moment 204-365

What have you been taking photos of this week?

6 Fun Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party Activities

There are so many great activities and ideas for a Teddy Bear Birthday Party. I had a difficult time narrowing it down after creating my Pinterest board. Like most parties I plan for my kids, I want to do all the things! Yet, knowing the time constraints and attention of young kids, I narrowed it down to 5 quick and easy to implement activities.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Games and Crafts

1. Teddy Bear Clinic
I used an old sheet to cover a kids table and crafted a clinic sign with felt. I gathered a bunch of doctor toys , band aids, gauze, and medical tape to created a teddy bear clinic. As kids arrived at the party, we directed them to the table for free play.critter clinic- teddy bear picnic birthday party-2critter clinic- teddy bear picnic birthday party2. Teddy Bear Hunt
I collected toliet paper rolls a few weeks before the party. Using contact paper (found in the dollar bin at Target), I decorated the rolls, glued them together and tied on a string for cute binoculars. DIY binocularsEach party guest were handed binoculars, as we ventured into the backyard to search for the animals. bear hunt- teddy bear picnic birthday party critter hunt- teddy bear picnic birthday partyTip: Before the hunt begins give the kids the rules. I failed to do so and all the big kids collected all the animals, before the little kids had a chance to get around the yard. 3. Watermelon Craft
It’s not a Stavish kid party if we don’t do at least one craft. There are so many cute picnic crafts, but I couldn’t resist making tissue paper watermelons with black beans for the seeds. So darn cute!watermelon tissue paper craft-24. Honey Comb Necklaces
This classic activity, string food on a string to create a necklace, is easy and very inexpensive. honey comb necklaces5. Bug Clean Up
Before lunch, I spread a bag of plastic ants around the dining room floor and told the kids they needed to get rid of all the bugs before we could eat. They scrambled so fast that I hardly had time to get a picture. clean up the ants- teddy bear picnic birthday party6. Teddy Bear Picnic Felt Storyboard
The party guests helped me read Teddy Bear Picnteddy bear picnic felt boardic using a felt board I created. This was my favorite activity of the party, because I adore this story and the kids reaction to it.story time- teddy bear picnic birthday party

Don’t miss more ideas for a Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday party, including  Decorations & Food.  

Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party: Decorations & Food

food table set up2
Last month, we celebrated Ryker’s second birthday with a teddy bear picnic birthday party. I was planning on holding the party outside, but with temperatures in the high 90’s opted to have an indoor picnic instead. I had a blast putting all the details of this party together! It was such a nice change from the typical boy themed parties I have planned in the past, such as Xander’s Superhero party and the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fourth birthday party.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Decorations

When I begin planning a party, I start with creating the birthday banners. I adore how these banners came out!food table set up

picnic  food birthday party bannerI used a paper lantern to create a bee hive placed by the food table. Bee latern for teddy bear picnic birthday party

teddy bear picnic birthday bannerI decorated the table with adorable picnic baskets from The Christmas Tree Store and plastic ants. What’s a picnic without ants, right?teddy bear picnic decorations collageThe table that held the kids food was decorated with a simple teddy bear and the lunch boxes.The entry way table was decorated with a classic picnic basket, a newborn photo of Ryker and of course a teddy bear.teddy bear picnic decorations-2

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Food

The picnic party food was simple. Each child received a lunch box, which contained a teddy bear peanut butter and jelly sandwich (cut with a teddy bear cookie cutter, Teddy Bear birthday party graham cookies, and a drink. I had plans to also serve Watermelon, but the kids were up and running before we even had a chance to slice in to it. lunch timeUntitledlunch time-2For the adults, I served a build-your-own sandwich platter with an assortment of breads, deli meat, cheese, and toppings. I also served pasta salad, skinny taco dip, and a veggie table set up-2food table set upFor dessert the kids enjoyed jump ropes (licorice), gummy bears, and watermelon birthday cake.cake sliceWatermelon Cake

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s party post, which will feature all of the teddy bear picnic party activities. My absolute favorite part about kid parties!

Catch the Moment Week 28

This past week was the middle of vacation and then the start of heading back to work.  I’m especially loving the week, because I made it in a photo with the boys AND captured one of all three of them together.  Both very rare!!  
We explored a new to us National Park after Ryker’s ENT appointment. It was a hot, humid day and close to dinner time. The boys had a great time walking through the trails anyway. I think they were so tired by the end that they didn’t have the energy to fight me about sitting for a photo. Catch the Moment 191-365Friday night evening at the townhall concert, which is right next to a small spray pad. Can’t you tell!?Catch the Moment 192-365Saturday evening we finally made it out of the house and to Old Town for a bit of toy store browsing, dinner and then ice cream.Catch the Moment 193- Japanese beetles are taking over our garden worse than ever this year. Gross!Catch the Moment 194-365Baby feet never get old. Catch the Moment 195-365Xander adores his stuffed cats.Catch the Moment 196-365Noah, my little candy monster.Catch the Moment 197-365

How was your week?