B. Toys Review

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The boys and I were super excited to have a chance to play with a few new toys through the company B. Toys. I first discovered B. Toys at Target this past Christmas. I was enthralled with their colorful designs and simple packaging. Noah loved the Sugar Chute gumball machine he received at Christmas and still plays with it months later.

I just love the B. Toys business motto:
1. B. Ready for the unexpected
Their toys are inspired by the world around us from New England foliage (something that is dear to my heart) and Peruvian Textiles
2. B. Nice to the planet
Minimum packaging with recycled materials including bags and boxes that can be reused, soy based inks, water based varnishes, clear #1 plastic and 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) ties
3. B. Ready for the Celebration!
In need of a birthday present for a child? B. Toy’s are packaged with the idea that the box can be easily turned into the wrapping paper. Check out the instructions! Each toy also comes with a to/from gift tag attached. You can go from the store to the party, without having to buy wrapping paper or a gift bag. I can’t even tell you how many times I have quickly packaged a gift in the car right before going into a party. Problem solved!
4. B. Part of Something Special
The company’s website has many adorable children’s quotes all over it. They care about what kids say while playing with their toys and love hearing from families. You can even submit your child’s quotes on their website. The quotes are adorable. This was one of my favorites:

Plus B. Toys donates 10 cents Free the Children, an organization that continues to build schools all over the world, in order to provide an education to children so they can break the cycle of poverty.

We received the Woofer guitar and the Ballyhoo to explore. The Woofer has 20 sing along favorites and 9 other puppy songs, 3 music modes (acoustic, electric, or hound dog), a volume knob (love this!), and 8 musical buttons that play chords. The music is actually catchy and not annoying. I love that the colorful guitar strap has a velcro closure for safety. Xander has a blast with this toy.  Daddy played the guitar way back when so perhaps X has his dad’s musical talents.  I can’t carry a tune or read music to safe my life.   It is pretty cute watching him jam out. Both Noah and Xander love playing with the Ballyhoo. It is super colorful and full of fun textures.  The four balls come out of the larger ball.  This is a great toy to work on hand-eye coordination.  I had to help both boys get a few of the balls out but Xander easily got them all back in. 

B. Toys can be found at all Target stores, online and at specialty toy shops. To find a store near you visit the B. Toy store locator.

* I was not monetarily compensated by B. Toys for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The boys were provided with free entertainment for a couple of minutes thanks to B. Toys.

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      I’ve been looking at the remote control. The boys have so many toys as if they need another one but it looks pretty fun. That may just be a good potty training reward!

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      We have the blocks and keys too but that’s when they were under the Parents magazine label. I didn’t realize B. Toys just got their own label until I did the review.

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