A Day to Cherish at Smallwood State Park

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Since I’m now sadly back to working 5 days a week instead of 4, I’m a bit bummed the boys and I will no longer have an entire day off in the middle of the week for fun adventures. I have been working a 32 hour week for two years now and absolutely loved it. The time has come where we just need that extra 8 hours of pay though, and so with a new job comes another 8 hours of work a week. Sigh! I am thankful for the time I had working 32 hours and didn’t take it for granted.

A few weeks ago on a Thursday, I brought the boys to Smallwood State Park here in Southern Maryland. We spent most of the day there, exploring the playground, taking a nature walk, and enjoying a picnic lunch. It was a day I will remember for a long time.

I will remember his smile as he first saw the playground made from tires.

I will remember that it was the first time this fall there was a chill in the air, so out came the pumpkin hats.

I will remember watching in awe how fearless they climbed and explored.

I will remember how their little fingers dug deep into the dirt.

I will remember how he poked around in the sand, as if on a treasure hunt with pirates.

I will remember his laughter as I squeezed him tight.

I will remember how he snuggled into my chest when I picked him up.

I will remember how the sunlight lit up their bright blue eyes like the sky on a clear day.

I will always remember their excitement as we wandered through the nature trail. Their first time in the woods, they were in love.

I will remember my boys, at this moment, nothing else mattered.

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    Thankfully and regretfully, life changes as quickly as the tide. While you may have to work more now, it may not always be so. :o) Your pictures make me miss the East Coast during fall! Every fall, I would take my boys on walks through the woods and we would inspect the different leaves. It looks like you guys had a great time at the park! I need to email you soon. I’m sorry that I haven’t. I had too many balls up in the air at once, lol. They all seemed to fall this month. :o/
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    It looks like you had a lovely and beautiful day in every way. The joys of parenting are so precious and pass by so quickly. It’s wonderful to see you soaking up each special moment. While I think it’s great for young children to be with their parents, I think it’s even more wonderful for parents to create meaningful memories during the time spent with their children. Well done, Mama!


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