What I’m Loving Wednesday

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* I’m loving my two-day work week this week. Power was out at the off site Children’s location on Monday so the clinic was closed. Thursday and Friday we will be on vacation in Oklahoma!!

* I’m loving that we leave for Oklahoma tomorrow morning! I’m excited to see Xander’s reaction to flying on an airplane now that he has his own opinions. We have been talking it up for the past week and brought it up when I put him to bed tonight. I’m also looking forward to sharing the college football experience with him again. We have taught him the OOOUUU chant along with the arm motions and the Boomer Sooner chant.
Xander at 8 months-first OU football game

*I’m loving that the college football season starts this weekend!

* I’m loving our new bedroom furniture! This is the first time that I have ever owned a headboard. It’s so pretty! I’ll post pictures of the entire set when all our old furniture is out of the bedroom. It’s a bit of a mess right now.

* I’m loving Skype. We skyped with my parents for the first time last weekend and it was so great.

* I’m loving great friends who bring so much richness to our lives.

* I’m loving that Xander is such a “boy”. Yesterday when I was at work he farted and the first thing he told Adrian was “Mommy fart.”. Then he went down the list Daddy fart, Baby Noah fart, Emma fart. LOVE IT! Only 2 and already playing the blame game.

*I’m loving my little Noah. He is such a cuddle bug and I can’t get enough of his bright big smile.

*I’m loving my hard-working husband, who has been doing an amazing job being a stay-at-home dad for these past 6 weeks. He is going back to work after this weekend and it’s going to be so hard to have the boys in daycare. *sniff sniff*

What are you loving this week?

New furniture!!

This afternoon we went to Bassett Furniture to shop around and see if they had the bedroom set we like in the store.  They had the end table piece to the bedroom set so we got an idea of the quality of the craftsmanship.  I think we have decided on the Montrose set  with the sleigh bed.  While we were looking around Adrian finally found a chair for the study.  It’s super comfortable and looks great!  He also got the lamp to go in the study.  The three pieces will be delivered sometime in the next few weeks.  We are also having someone come to our house for a complimentary room decorating session in a few weeks.  I’m so excited!

Finally New Furniture!!

I’m am soooo excited that our new table and chair set for the morning room was delievered yesterday morning!!!  The set comes from Pottery Barn and we bought it from the cataglog.  This was our first catalog only purchase since they no longer carry this set in the stores.  I was a little nervous not being able to see it in person but I love it.  Unfortunately we still have no lights in the morning room but plan to put a ceiling fan/light combo in there (hopefully soon!), so we were not able to eat dinner there last night.  I’m really looking forward to having the room put together completly.  We have been eating in the formal dining room ever since we moved in and the hardwood floor in their has a few too many scratches in it, since toddlers like to throw silverware and dishes on the floor.  Plus tile is just sooo much easier to clean after spills and messes with a toddler, so it will be able to eat most of our meals in the morning room. 
The chairs are actually a more antique white color than the table,
which I didn’t realize when we ordered
them but I like the contrast. 

I love the wicker!

There is a large wicker basket for storage that pulls out
Our second big Pottery Barn purchase was this large rug for our dining room.  I didn’t take the full picture of the dining room because we still have the table cloth from Xander’s birthday party on the table and it clashes horribly with this rug.  I’m after a nice table cloth for the dining room this weekend–thinking of going with a light blue color to match the rug and then some sort of center piece (white flowers perhaps?).  Suggestions welcome.  As you can see our dining room set is a darker wood, which matches the hardwood.  

Love the rug too!!! It is 100% wool and a nice thick quality

 It was so great to sit Xander at the table this morning while I hurried around to get our lunches together for the day.  He seemed to enjoy looking out the window to the backyard while inhaling his breakfast. 

This weekend there is a big homeshow in Waldorf so we plan on checking that out.  I’m excited to see what a Home show is all about since we finally have a home to shop for! :)  We won’t be purchasing anything but getting information on various companies for decks/fences, kitchen tile (for the backsplash we want to eventually put in), and whatever else we can find.  I would like to get some information on cleaning services in the area as well.  It would be nice to have a cleaning service come through right before my c-section since at that point I probably won’t have the energy to clean.